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This theory might seem to go against mainstream science.

In reality, my discoveries actually complement Kepler’s, Newton’s and Einstein’s theories of the laws of gravity in relation to the functioning of the Solar System.

Because their equations / theories only give the formulas with vague explanations of the forces at work, they don’t address the anatomy of the gravitational force at work in the solar system.

They are partial explanations that fit and explain some of the forces of gravity’s in specific scenarios, none of them can be applied as an absolute theory of gravity. 

Many experiments, situations and scenarios in the past 100 years have found fundamental flaws in the existing theories, and scientist use vague explanations to confirm these theories, that is why physicists are still looking for a unifying theory to encompass all the issues and forces found throughout the universe.

I believe that the discoveries in this book will take us one step closer to deeper understanding of the anatomy of the forces at work, rather than assuming that all bodies and masses attract only due to mass, size or to relative motions. 

There are clearly more factors at work.

One should judge a theory by its merit and simplicity, and by the fact that it fits and explains many scenarios and anomalies in the Solar System.

Science is an evolution of discovery, and many changes are still to come.

Science should not be treated like religious dogma.

Science should have open minded debate and analyses, and should always welcome possible new discoveries and theories.

Old scientific hypothesis could be wrong or incomplete.

Scientific knowledge still has plenty of room to evolve, improve and change.


Climate Change and Earth Changes are serious man-made issues affecting life on Earth, however natural cycles also exist that can affect climate, therefore both man made and natural cycles are true and valid issues, and both need to be considered.

Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Universe are two newer theories that need to be acknowledged and incorporated into the mainstream cosmology and astronomy, because new discoveries in astronomy are confirming the electric/electromagnetic/plasma nature of the universe.

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 We are VIRCI Corp,  a science, research, development and discoveries company.

At VIRCI we work on researching, developing and finding solutions for the ongoing Scientific issues affecting our Home planet Earth, and developing technological progress for our planet.

Also we perform customized consulting services.

Primary project:
Improving EV (electric vehicles)  performances, so they will be a more viable alternative to petrol fuel driven vehicles, by increasing driving range and reducing battery size.
Our KEMGE Proprietary technology is a breakthrough scientific endeavor, that will take the world transportation industry to the next level of scientific evolution.
(the Electric Vehicles performance improvement will have a major positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions and ameliorating climate change issues).

With secondary projects in Space Propulsion Technologies, Space travel, Astronomy and Astrophysics:

New Space Propulsion Technology.

Three Revolutionary Space propulsion & mobility technologies that can be adapted to Space crafts and orbiting artificial satellites, using:

(1) Electromagnetic Plasma Propulsion, 

(2) Kinetic Electrostatic Drive, 

(3) Vacuum Tunneling (Plasma Tunneling) breakthrough (SVPT)technology, 

these brand new concept technologies eliminate (or greatly reduce) the need to carry combustion fuels on board of space vehicles and satellites, thus giving them a much longer life span and reach, by overcoming the problem of limited fuel source to fuel propulsion. 

Space Vacuum (Plasma) Tunneling Technology. 

 New space launching technology for launching space vehicles and satellites into outer orbits and out of the atmosphere, by greatly reducing the need for multi stage fuel propulsion to escape Earth's atmosphere and gravity.

Detail of these technologies is not being explained in detail, because the patenting process is not complete.

Kessler effect

Also this vacuum tunneling technology can be adapted and used as a tractor beam to pull in or blow outward orbiting space debris.

Asteroid Directional Deflection Technology

The Space Vacuum (Plasma) Tunneling (SVPT)Technology can be adapted for deflecting and or changing the pass of Meteors, Asteroids and Comets that are on a collision course with Earth.

Asteroid Mining for Resources, Rare Minerals and Water.

Our SVPT Technology can be used to land on / take off and navigate Asteroids for the purposes of mining their resources.

Other educational  Science projects

Magnetic Pole Shift

The issue of the ongoing magnetic pole shift occurring to our planet,  what is causing it  and it's potential consequences.

The magnetic pole shift potentially causing a mini Ice Age.

The consequences of a mini Ice Age.

we have published a book on this subject on amazon: 

The Ongoing Magnetic Pole Shift and Mini Ice Age

We have deciphered the mechanism involved in causing the magnetic pole shift,

The gravitational relationship between the Moon and Earth.

the importance of the Torus shape of the Magnetosphere in keeping the poles frozen.

The inner structure of Earth .

The Moon's two-way gravitational/Electromagnetic lock onto Earth.

We have published a book on this matter on amazon:

Keredine's Rosetta Stone of Astronomy.

These scientific discoveries in the 2 books, are for the purpose to educate and inform people around the world, so they can better understand the causes, and consequences of the magnetic pole shift, and how to prepare, protect and survive the possible mini Ice Age cycle.

Dinosaur Bonsai Extinction
Also published a book about a new theory on the extinction of the dinosaurs with first in the world explanation to the cause of the animal life size decrease, that encompasses the asteroid impact, volcanic eruptions, the Bonsai effect Due to a possible Moon swap.

 Title :   Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse book on amazon

At VIRCI corporation we have made breakthrough discoveries in Astronomy and Astrophysics, in the area of the inner Earth's solid core structure, what makes the planets spin, the 3-part electromagnetic dynamo effect, the cause of pole shifts and mini Ice Ages.

The cause of Planet Venus' retrograde orbit, Venus’s clockwise spin contrary to all the other planets counterclockwise spin, and much more.

More ongoing projects:

Pollution issues and climate change.

Nuclear waste remediation.

Better designed solar panels.

Since Earth is our only Home, we at VIRCI believe that thru good management of Earth's resources, better recycling methods, and the use of new Technologies with a new scientific paradigm, all the current issues affecting our planet can be corrected and re-mediated.


magnetic poleshift

The ongoing magnetic poleshift and possible mini ice age

Rosetta Stone of Astronomy

The key to understanding Astronomy and planetary functioning

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breakthrough patent pending new technologies


KEMGE Electric vehicles technological innovation

Electric Vehicles radical system innovation, Through redesigning of mechanical and electrical systems, resulting in reduction of battery volume by 50% while increasing driving range to 600+ plus kilometers 

per charge.

New technology KEMGE

KEMGE: Kinetic Electro Magnetic Generating (G) Effect.

the system has been designed and tested and is proven viable,

currently working on patenting.

The next step in the world for reducing dependency on fossil fuels

This new KEMGE technology is the next step for human technological evolution that will lead to reduction of fossil fuels use and dependency, and the remediation of climate change issues.

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electric vehicles area


Electrical systems

revolutionary breakthrough system

Electric induction motor

breakthrough electrical system redesign thru KEMGE technology.



Electric induction motor

revolutionary breakthrough system

Electric induction motor

electric motor redesign.


revolutionary breakthrough system

revolutionary breakthrough system

revolutionary breakthrough system

KEMGE innovative new consept and technology.

other Research areas

Space Tunnel Technology

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris

Space Tunnel Technology


New space launching technology for launching space vehicles and satellites into outer orbits and out of the atmosphere, without the need for multi stage fuel propulsion. 

Space Travel Technology

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris

Space Tunnel Technology


Revolutionary Space technology for space travel, at high speed,

using electromagnetic pulse propulsion and space vacuum tunneling technology. 

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris


Vacuum tunneling technology used as a tractor beam for the purpose of cleaning up old satellites and space debris in Earth's orbit, avoiding the Kessler syndrome effect, and future space calamity.

Radioactivity cleanup technology

Radioactivity cleanup technology

Technology for Cleanup of Space Debris


designing materials to neutralize radioactive spills and disasters. 

3D Photovoltaic Solar Panel

Radioactivity cleanup technology

3D Photovoltaic Solar Panel


new three dimensional solar panel designs. with higher Sun light exposure areas.

Astrophysics discoveries

Radioactivity cleanup technology

3D Photovoltaic Solar Panel


Major discoveries in astrophysics, Earth-Moon orbital Lock, Inner Earth core, mini Ice Age, Magnetic pole shift, dinosaur extinction.

Other Research Areas

 We are conducting research, projects and discoveries into many subjects from astrophysics to nano tech gadgets.

List of Projects

1- Photo-Voltaic solar panel new 3D design. 

increasing the area of exposure, and better solar panels for satellites.

2- Theory and new explanation of cause and mechanism of how and why, the Moon is locked onto Earth's orbit, and why we only see one side of the Moon from Earth. .

3- How the Moon is vital to the Earth's electromagnetic effects (magnetosphere) and its imporatance for protecting the atmosphere, thru rotating the Earth's solid inner core ( 3-part Dynamo generator effect). .

 4- Space Tunnel Technology,  A better way of launching artificial satellites and space vehicles for Space travel thru a new very low combustion launching technology, that allows for the transit through the atmosphere and gravity with minimal drag loss.

5- Colonization of planet Mars, the most efficient way to reach Mars, and how to create a viable atmosphere on Mars. .

6-The ongoing Magnetic Pole shift occurring on Earth, and the potential Mini Ice Age it could cause, explained. 

Magnetic Poleshift and Mini Ice Age Book available on amazon.

7- Cell phone privacy technology.

8- Radioactive fallout remediation technology thru neutralization of radioactive materials.

9- Earth's expansion and Continental plates expansion and shifting.

10- New Dinosaurs age extinction theory with 3 novice possible causes;  

 Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse book available on amazon 

11- Bell's Theorem, Quantum physics theory revised corrected and explained.

12- The Kessler syndrome, New technology for space debris cleanup technology.  .

13- Mini Ice Age, possible mini Ice Age event caused by the ongoing magnetic pole shift explained. 

14- Intellectual property (Artwork, documents) security authentication technology concept.

15- Planet Venus retrograde orbit explained.

16- The Michelson-Morley experiment corrected.

17- Planet Uranus inclined orbit cause explained.

Solar panels redesign


New solar panel 3D technology

more efficient redesigned 3D solar panels with more watts output per cubit inch, patent pending.

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